Parish of Nursling & Rownhams

We have completely redesigned this site to enable community participation, with the aim of providing a window onto everything that is going on in and around Nursling & Rownhams. We want you, the residents, to be able to use the site to publish information about your club, society, group, school or local events, as well as anything else that is of interest or relevant to the residents of the village.  The quality of the information available will improve as more of you join in.

The site will be updated continuously, and we are providing a range of facilites to keep it up-to-date and of value to you:

  • News Feeds from local newspapers
  • Warnings and information about scams and fraud
  • NewsFlashes
  • A calendar of events so that you can see what is going on each day, week or month
  • Local information
  • Links to other sites that contain local information

We plan to add:

  • A Directory of tradesmen who serve Nursling & Rownhams
  • Photo Galleries for village event
  • ………let us know what else you need

Do you run a club or group and would you like to publish newsletters or other information?

Can you take ownership of just one or two pages and keep them up-to-date?

Would like to write ocasional articles of interest to the community or tell us all about the history of the area?

Do you know of events, club times and locations, or meetings that should be in the calendar?

If you have the facilities to read this web site, then you have all that is necessary to be able to publish your articles. To get your free account, just send an email to and include your first and last name, address and phone number, and we’ll set up your account. Then you can start putting in your articles, links, calendar entries and pictures. Our editorial team will check articles and release them onto the site. If you need help, just drop an email to

The more you contribute, the better the site will be, so if you think something is missing then tell us and help us put it on the site.

Please note: Some pages on this site are still being brought up to date. If you find any errors then please let us know by sending email to